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Visibility and Predictability of the Innovative process while enabling the creativity and flexibility in execution, this is the power of AIMS.
The only solution to manage the enterprise view of innovation for Academia and their partner organizations.

Accelerate results, Deliver Impact.

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About us

AIMS is a North American based technology and consulting company that focuses on the Academic and Hospital innovation verticals. Our solutions enable institutions to go beyond R&D to ensure that innovation is a core component of their organization and their extended value chain. In doing so, companies gain a sizable competitive advantage that can be planned, measured and optimized.

Value drivers include, Reduced Speed of development of new products and services, Reduced direct spending on R&D, and improved success rate of new products and services and Enterprise visibility into all aspects of the Innovation Lifecycle.

AIMS Solutions

AIMS Solution for collaborating, generating, capturing, and evaluating ideas and concepts resulting in innovation which delivers measurable business value.
1. Guided Idea Capture!
2. Create your Pitch Deck!
3. Develop your business plan!
4. Partner and Launch!


  • Product, Process, Model and System Management
  • IP and Digital Asset Mgt.
  • Corporate Goals and Objectives
  • Project Mgt.
  • Reporting & Search
  • Organizations and Training


  • Innovation Challenge Mgt.
  • Road Map and Release Planning
  • Challenge Dashboard
  • Innovation Web Surveys
  • Innovation Qualitative Assessment (IQA)
  • Innovation Team Mgt.


  • Idea Feed and Dashboards
  • Idea creation, review, analysis
  • Idea Voting, Comment
  • Ranking, Stage Gate review and Innovation Funnel
  • GEO Activity Map

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